Social Security Administration Office Building, Stockholm.1928. Sigurd Lewerentz

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I. M. Pei, Dallas City Hall (1984)

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Città Possibili # 2 (andrea treu)
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Città Possibili # 1 . (andrea treu)
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Charlotte Perriand - une maison a Montmartre - 1959
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Care Home, Huise-Zingem, Belgium - 2011 - Sergison Bates architects
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The incredibly beautiful stepwell Chand Baori.
Photo and text from BLDBLOG:
“Chand Baori is the oldest stepwell in Rajasthan, having been constructed in the 8th-9th centuries A.D. It is 19.5 meters, or roughly 64 feet, deep. The overwhelming majority of its surface area consists of steps—thousands of steps—all of which lead down to the water table, turning weekly water-gathering trips by local families into a communal spectacle, a social event framed by this extraordinary act of excavation and architecture.”
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materica I | Polaroid by Mariano Biazzi Alcantara(2012)
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arne jacobsen - texaco petrol station, charlottenlund, denmark, 1936
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Bernd and Hilla Becher - Grain elevators, click for big. Via.
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Opaque  by  andbamnan